What does it mean?

When u get a legendary that turns baby blue

when an item is baby blue/cyan it means that item has a crystal affix on it. the crystal affix is also baby blue. if it was previously red and turned baby blue, you might have used a crystal called obsidian for it to have a crystal affix.

you are lucky if you got one

ya I had a blue from just a drop no crystals added then had a green from arena thx for the reply guys

There are eternals that has baby blue affix

Objection, picture relevance?

Do you mean GuideShot?
That’s the skill, which the weapon has. For more detailed information, just click on the item.
If it’s on an Armor, that’s the Talent. You can find the list of Talents on the Stats -> 3. Menu

Sorry wrong picture,

I have a few more, but this is currently the best i have so far