What does Toxic do exactly?

The game has no clear description of what Toxic actually does so I’m just wondering what it does. Is it another form of DoT? Does regular Poison and Toxic stack as DoTs? Can someone please clarify this for me please. :neutral_face:

Hi can i ask a question.

From what I understand, Toxic is an elemental crit. If you do poison damage, you have a chance to spawn a poison cloud AOE. I don’t know if it can spawn per DOT tick or if it’s only per attack. I also don’t know if it’s doing its own damage or just refreshing the DOT duration… So I guess I’m not really much help here haha. I’m a little lazy to test and find out right now, but I’m sure you can figure it out by messing around.

Also, elemental crit is based on the element of the gear it’s on, so if you changed that piece of gear to ice, you will now have a chance to freeze instead of spawn poison cloud.

Just tested it out with Twister and it can proc for the entire duration of Twister, proc’ing mutiple clouds. I was at 30% with Wizardry 20 and Toxicity 20. I think monsters in the clouds either gets another DOT tick or or the DOT tick is sped up. Or maybe it’s just to widen the AoE of the poison, as in if I were to shoot mobs with a wand, the wand can proc a cloud and therefore make it’s attack become pseudo AoE. Of course these are all theories based off observations.

Just my opinion :
You use a Poison Damage set , poison damage get enemy Toxi ,Toxic get a Cloud poison ,Blight Affix get 100% damage more for that cloud so if you get Blight Affix on your gear it’s best damage ( for Poison set only :slight_smile:

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