What happen to legend and eternal trophy?drop rate reduce?

I was climbing on top hoping for legend and eternal trophy 40+ streak without loss, but all rewads are trash and sad to say i dnt have legent or eternal trophy, still using this trah epic trophy.lol

The higher the division higher the drop rate

No way that’s right…? Because that would mean eventually the best would stay the best and the weak would stay the weak. Which obviously isn’t fair at all. Gotta be even chance?

Arena is vs bots anyway so its not that bad l.

Lol i dnt think so,im on top 1 now. Ign:shadow gaming.But the reward still trash. I dnt have 1 legend or eternal trophy cant get both.

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Glad to have you at the top with us :slight_smile: finally some legit competitors!!

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Well it took me long to get my first legend and got eternal jusr recently

I have multiple legend trophies and I’m not even in eternal

Thank you sir. I fought so hard to your AI.lol

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Perfect :smile: unfortunately I plan on making it even harder :grin:…

You can only get eternal trophy via eternal chest.

Yeah. Only way to get eternal trophy is if you successfully reached eternal league in the season .

For other trophies, the chances are even across all leagues maybe. As for arena chests, the chance is even across all leagues too I’m pretty sure.

I did get trolled by trying to get eternal trophy with Eternal Chest and getting legend trophy since I never reached eternal league in season 2 for eg.

Like I said, that’s messed up… Sounds like a problem I had with elite mob hunter on my server, had it fixed by the following day because some guy left after being spawn killed and loosing his stuff
The problem was cause because someone was really powerful near him and he wasn’t strong enough to fight against the enemys

convert chest

What do you mean sir? Convert to what?

convert rare to epic, epic to legend…

Ahh okay thanks

10 legend chest = 1 eternal chest