What happened to my poor staff 😞


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Legend affixes can’t be re-rolled but at the 2nd screenshot, even the Blight and AoE Range numbers were changed. Looks like some bug tho.


Y also when i exit without upload game to data my maps deleting regularly.I bored to spend millons for maps…


Yeah. Wouldn’t have expected the 10k WD to turn into 9.5k weapon DMG and 200% WD into 178% WD. If this is the same staff, that’s unusual.


You can re roll legendary with a diamond but not on eternal. Weird




You broke it.


How?! I just shaking it slightly for spawn a tiny rock piece :neutral_face: It was my fault :sweat_smile: I’m sorry about it :tired_face: Second one was my first staff.I was delete it how it come on my bag :sweat_smile: Methinks i deleted it and didn’t upload game to cloud and deleted game data.


Just get another one from codex :slight_smile:


A better suggestion. You found the same staff again. You thought I found a better one. Put the same stone in. Got rid of one but the better one by accident. That’s the sherlock in me trying an alternative suggestion. Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, no matter unlikely, must be the truth. Either that or its a bug. Two options