What happens after u get all ascensions

Just Wondering…:blush::blush:

Well you get all 6 perks. That’s a good thing because:

  • You get 200% Luck and Gold Find above cap which makes Farming all the more easier for everything you need and finding eternals with crystal legends also becomes all the more easier due to treasured combined with fortunate and the sets Eternalized and Crystalline.
  • You get to sell for higher price in gold which is extremely useful. You will need all the gold you can get as it's so easy to just spend it all. This perk combined with hirling can generate a ton of gold. Dealer perk is also the only perk that works on hirlings in conjunction with the MC's (Main character) dealer perk.
  • You get to summon epic enemies on shrines and shrine pools without the need for hunter mythic as you already have Hunter perk from Ascension. This is very useful in farming due to the fact that rare legends are only found on powerful enemies being Epic or Higher rank. More epics, more chance of dropping legends and a shot to get legends like Ragnarok and speed up the way to killing enough legend enemies for mythic enemies. Combined with accomplished perk, this perk can really help you get at least 1 or 2 mythic enemies killed. Enshrined with this perk can make sure you have 2 shrines meaning lots of epic enemies to kill and sweet loot$% .
  • You get to finish feats quicker with the accomplished perk which means 150 pets from Enslaver kills instead of 200 to get legend pets as well as more random boosts which could be useful monster boost sometimes or other cool boosts and offline boosts too! Also more random rare crystals and crystals in general if you like. More legends from testifying destructibles as you need all the legends you can get for high power builds.
  • Treasured Perk means 300% chance of finding eternals and crystal legends without the crystalline and Eternalized sets which is pretty good and a huge boost with the sets as you can get 550%.
  • Lastly, the enshrined perk makes it so you get 2 shrines with the shrine pools meaning more epic monsters and more loot$%£! Also 3x more powerful shrines meaning if you use power shrine, your build will literally deal double it's dmg and it's extremely potent with frozen, plagued and Arcanist. Even for farm shrines like luck and item drops, you'd get 100% instead of 25% (only works if you haven't reached cap because it's not over cap).

You’d also have a permanent green badge until you delete your character which you wouldn’t do after 1 months hard work to getting eternal 99. It’s a great signal of hard work for sure and definitely worth having. I think ascensions and PvP is what managed to get so many more players. It was 1 million downloads when I downloaded but then it turned into 5 million so great progress indeed. I mean I could not have imagined myself playing longer without newer legends and ascensions and all that stuff that make DQ that much more exciting.

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i guess you will become a god :slight_smile:

I’ll give you the title of master farmer + luck/gold/extremel legend drop beyond cap

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Eternal Demigod (Class).

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OK…thanx guys…

Why aren’t we given a reward for activating all six perks…
It would be cool if they reserved a very strong weapon for those who get all 6 perks

No reward because it takes a ton of time to get them all and it would be an obnoxious content gate when it came to making a new character but getting all 6 is :ok_hand: so incredibly convenient anyways and you get bragging rights so it’s definitely worth it :smile:

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