What I can get if I buy special bundle?

This offer show me always when start apps (9.99 $). Please tell me if you know. Thanks you :smile:

I got the angelic and demon sets and extra character slots. Also, no more ads, and you’re supporting the devs! I think i read somewhere on these boards that you are supposed to get 30 free hires or something also, but i didnt. If youve been playing some already, look at ur gold count before u buy. When i continued after purchase, my gold was at 0 and my stash 1 is now locked with my items in there. Not a big deal since im only level 26 right now. Also, from reading these boards the developers are very interactive and quick to try and help you fix any issues you are having. Id say go ahead and buy the bundle earlier than later, you wont regret it!

Haha, Thanks for your answers. At now my rouge level is 32 >< . If I buy this package I’ll show you soon :smile:

The Hire scrolls have been removed from the Bundle due to an issue they were causing w/ managed purchases, however if you did pick up a bundle thinking there were hire scrolls, let me know and ill give you some :smile:

Also please let us know if there’s any issue w/ purchases, we’ll try to fix anything that happens as soon as possible.

Thanks for your guys support :smile:

And thanks for your fast response! I sent another email to let you know that my stash is gone, but its ok. With new character slots after the purchase i think ill be able to get better items with my main character for the other two anyway. But is second stash supposed to cost 500k? Im almost positive it was 250,000…

I see your stash 1 spot still unlocked on the server, I thought that’s the one you were talking about. Each new stash costs an additional 250k to unlock.

Sorry, meant my stash items are missing now, the epics and rares for rogue and mage i had saved while playing as warrior. And my first stash was unlocked with the second stash costing 250k? Zeamann, can you look and see how much it costs to unlock next stash? But like i said its not a big deal. Seems gold can be farmed easily as you progress :smile: saw posts about millions being farmed… And thanks for the 30 hires steiger :smile:

Ok, if I have a time I’ll reply you as soon as possible :smile: (I live in thailand and now is working time >< )

Its ok. My gf wanted to play… It does show 500,000 for second stash. Like i said earlier, support the devs they are great, very active and willing to help if you have problems. Steiger got my gold back up to 250k, even though i was mistaken for some odd reason… Im still thinking i saw that unlock was 250k, but who knows, they just started ios and they are trying their best to get the glitches out. Anyway, i still suggest you get the special pack while it lasts. Support them, get the cool vanity items and get rid of the pesky ads. You wont regret it. I have a feeling this game will just get better and better. And being a hardcore gamer myself, having devs that actually get back to you fairly quickly is not something i see much these days… Still waiting on devs from many other games after a month with generic replies…

Bought Special Bundle with 30 hires but never got them. Please reimburse hires ( 30 ).

Chaodious shoot me an email: support@shinyboxgames.com and add your dq account email address. I will get us sorted out. Sorry about that issue and thank you for the support!