What is a account mismatch?

Can someone answer it?

I have not heard of that.

Is it an error message your are getting some how in the game?

But that was support@shinyboxgames.com told me that i have an account mis-match thats why my account is being flagged. I ask also some of my friend what is a account mis match they also say they never heard about it.

I think you are referring to google play app credentials. This can happen if you have transactions on your device that don’t match your logged in google play account.

This doesn’t have anything to do with DQ, this is related to Google Play app and the accounts logged into that app.

If google play app doesnt have anything to do with DQ, why my account being flagged. Impact my real problem is the download thing and suppor@shinyboxgames.com didnt address my complain about the download. Since the patch 3.0 came out i only have 3-4 download with an interval of 1-2 weeks in downloading. But when i download it say ive reach the limit for download and wait for 17,000hours (OMG) to download again. How is this happen? If the interval of my download is 1-2 weeks.How come? You can check my download history since patch 3.0 came out.

The account mis-match is referring to transactions that you made on google play. “It doesn’t have anything to do with DQ” = We don’t control how google approves transactions made through google play.

If your download time is set at 17,000 hours this could be related to an issue with the apk you are using when you play the game.

Now my head is being clouded and confused at the same time. First when i told support@shinyboxgaames.con my problem (on the download thing and wait for 17,000 hours to download again) they say i have account mis-match. But when i told you about my problem (on the download thing and wait for 17,000 hours to download again) you say its an issue with the apk im using when i play the game. Now the question is which is which im so confused. Worst is i dont know what is apk is. What if i use different account would this problem on download (wait for 17,000) will occur? Please enlighten me here @tdaniel.

No confusion here, I will try to explain it another way I sent you a direct message.

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