What is better? To have crystal affix % ALL RESIST or to have the 4 legend affixes resist?

Plsss help to know which be the best?

*resists brother…

Crystal Resist is +750
And did you already saw Legend Resist Affix? Pardon me because I didnt see it yet. :blush:

yup the 750 resest… is it better than to 4 individual?


Thank you so much… so I should remove the Stun resest and frozen resest and put crystal affiz +750 all resest? am I right?

I’m making pvp build bro…

Its your option to remove Stun Resist and Frozen Resist. But putting +750 All Resist is making you tankier .

The Stun/Frozen Resist is different from All Resist.

Having Stun and Frozen Resist, ignoring the incoming Stuns and Freeze.

Having All Resist is becoming your character more meaty and tankier…

ah I see… thank you for the info…

what nature is good in arena…? thanks!!!

Luck for Fauns Gift
Greed for Satyrs Spirit
Elements for bit DMG

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i don’t use Fauns and Satyr… but all my sets are nature elements? I only use set affixes namely, Vamp, inferno, momentum, rage, cosmic and ballista…

1 slot = way better than 4 slots :wink:


@Midlumer… are saying +750 resest is good than 4 slot or they are equal? clarification plsss… thanks…

+750 All resist Crystal Affix (1 slot wasted) is good than using for +250 All Resist Epic Affix (4 slots wasted)

I guess your question is answered. :sweat_smile:

PvE well… Depends which floors you play. At high floors AR and Resistance hardly matter, you’ll get killed fast anyway.

Better to use Block, Dodge and Sanctuary (and/or Stealth with Deadly Arts/insane amount of reduced CD) at high floors to have a chance to prevent all damage of a hit.

On lower floors you can reduce damage a lot with AR and Resistance, but you will also need things that multiply it: Faun’s Gift, Plagued, Cerebral Vortex or comparable.

He will use it in PvP, Sir.

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Then only use it if you have at least Faun’s Gift on you otherwise it won’t help much ;).

So I need set affix Faun’s gift? if I use the +750 all resest to function it? @Midlumer am I right?