What is nadroji base class

As the title says, i have found most of the rare legends such as mutiny,vacuus bow ,thanos and etc but i still havent found a single nadroji part so im wondering what is the base class of nadroji set cuz im hunting using my rouge and warrior and obviously most drops was based on the class u were playing…

Ty in advance for replying cuz im really getting confused that nadroji set based class was wiz hope that im wrong

All classes have the same Nadroji items. You’ve just had bad luck, sorry :frowning:

Yeah guess so, ty for the “bad luck” comfort lol

Dont lose hope bro you can find one soon :smile:

There is a bug or whatnot that makes all items drop on any floor but I, personally, haven’t found any nadroji pieces on floors under 200. I have found 6 pieces so far, sadly no rings :frowning:. Two were on floor 200 and the rest were maps around 300.
Where have you been farming?

Got mine just on floor 190~200 now have have 4 rings and 4 amulets nadroji :smile:

Got my amulet and ring from floor 10, same time with Noob character. :smile:

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I got both nadroji but only after many runs, oddly they both dropped on a low difficulty level under level 120, if that helps. Both times I got them I had a hired companion. I did have to convert the class with jasper, but it was a small price to pay. Not sure if any of these factors added to my success, but I no longer farm solo just in case.

Having a hireling increases Item Drop by 100%.


ohh hireling Increases item drop ?

what set do u use for farming without Nadroji’ items

Max fortune, 1 crystal luck, 1 crystal gold find, 3 item drops, this usually my farming buil without nadroji,