What is that

I was just attacking things and I tried attacking this thing and I noticed it was not attacking me so is it a zombie


Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Click the discussion link above. Basically it’s a remnant corpse of a huge enemy group. And by huge, I mean a number huge enough to lag our devices. Numbers may vary with device performance.

Zombie is correct :laughing:


Sorry to hijack topic; but is there one in every dungeon? or more than 1?

Sometimes I don’t notice one

Idk it just happened to me once

They cannot be found in every dungeon but they only appear after extreme lag occurs then you kill stuff.

Happens rarely on ordinary maps as the spawn size there is controlled, but will certainly happen often when you have Pack Size maps and your toon isn’t AoE-centric.

And yes they vary in numbers. The greater the lag, the greater the chances you will “convert” more than one enemy zombies.