what is the best character for a noob to choose?

I’m new to the game and I don’t know which one to choose

really doesnt matter. just make sure to get a 2. one to enjoy the game more =)

practice using all 3 and choose the one you like using the best. if you buy an extra Character slot, you can choose 2 different Characters. if you go crazy like some of us players have, buy 2 Character slots and have 1 of each Class!

all 3 Classes have their Pro’s & Con’s, so it really comes down to which Class you have the most fun playing. what I did was just spending time using one Character for awhile, deleting it and testing another Class, until I liked playing Rogue the best but ended up with Wizard in the end. eventually, because I really like DQ, I got some extra Character slots and now have all 3 Classes.

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i actually LOVE the hireling mechanic dq has(use 2 chars, 1 controlled by an AI that you can program). it reminds me of the good old diablo2 days.

and in this game the hireling mechanic is WAY cooler than in diablo 2. so i basically have to recommend having 2 char slots to anyone. it just makes the game SO MUCH more enjoyable.