What is the Best Floor or Challenge Map to Hunt/Obtain Nadroji Robe?

What is the Best Floor or Challenge Map to Hunt/Obtain Nadroji Robe/Helm?

Any Tips?

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Spam floor 201 and up pack size with lots of luck on your gear. If you have both nadroji ring and amulet equip them for better chances of obtaining…

Idk about the best floor to farm that item but maybe my suggestion would work lol

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I obtain it on floor 200 maybe 20-30 times sweeping it ? Hahahah, just luck, i got three of them

Ow nice… I Tried Many Times to Hunt That Nadroji Robe But Always Failed :sob::sob::sob:

It’s more easy if you have hunter perk or mythic hunter rings…

It´s so damn annoying to use these hunter rings… Takes so much time^^

I HAVe a Hunter ring THeres a lot of epic monster spawning but because of epic diffuculty it has less chance of luck to obtain nadroji :cry:

All nadroji set only drop from epic enemy, so the best option is hunter rings or perks…
I use frozen set+explosion , just run to shrines open it, but don’t kill enemy around the shrines before epic enemies appear and then use taunt…
Boomm, instant kill :smile:

Frozen is interesting… with nova mythic.

If you are looking for a specific gear piece, look at the codex to find the floor and difficulty level requirements and go to that floor plus 1. Sometimes the requirements are the floor stated and sometimes it’s plus one (like the enslaver feat to spawn legendary enslaver) so play it safe and plus 1. You don’t want to go much higher then the minimum requirement because if you do then you are adding other possible drop items into the possibilities range which reduces the chance of getting the item exact item you want.

The best thing for farming items that drop from powerful mobs is to use the hunter mythic or asension perk, and play maps that have a high item drop and luck roll. People say this only applies to the carto and final chest but I feel like they apply to epic mobs too. Hit shrines to pop the epic mobs, kill, open new map, repeat. You can get a ton of drops quickly and just work the law of averages. Having high luck, magic find, and nadroji set helps (especially nadroji as it specifically increases the chance to find rare legends).

Just like many things in life, it takes forever to get a piece that you want, but the minute you no longer need it they start falling out of the sky.

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Drops at the same floor, i.e. you can go directly to the floor 200 for Nadroji.

Get Hunter and Shrined and repawn on floor 200 until the shrines are in front of you. Kill all epics from both shrines with high Luck. Repeat ;)!!


Hunter Mythic and Perks can be use at the same time?

No they don’t stack.

Shrined and Hunter Mythic if you’re low on ascensions, otherwise Shrined and Hunter perk ;). No stack.

Craft Nadroji bonus items with dust. All you need to do is salvage inventories constantly with hirling inventory.