What is the cap for taunt proc?

I want 60 or 80% taunt proc in my build ^^

I guess that all procs are capped at 50%… And you could use Epiphany for cap increase.

Procs have no cap! :smile:

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Does that mean that if I have 200% Twister chance then it spawns 2 Twisters per 1 attack?

No just the 1 :smile:

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Procs do not have caps. You can put atleast 25% per gear (that gives you a total of 150% for normal Legend crafted items) wearing Eternal Gears gives you more!

If you already have a 50% taunt proc, you will be casting 100% chance if you use a special skill but with primary skill that falls down to around or equal to 50% and by the way this is just an observation ^_^.

Read the description of Procs.

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It is not proc per attack but proc per second.
It means u get 2 twister per sec

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