What is the most important things for create a pvp build?


Yeah !!! I will! Always will! :muscle: :deciduous_tree: :smile:


Thats what i oways do almost reached 4k ratings haha and got bored and poof! Dragged down in no week.


Lol. Also didn’t you get your gears removed to level 1? I remember facing you and you were as tricky as Mr Scooty . Then suddenly your gear turned into level 1 in arena and you disappeared.


Yah thats right my saved progress all got vanished and all my paids was refunded back to me. :blush:
And that you called tricky gamos that you’d encountered was out of my control already. Its just a ghost IGN lurking on arena with out a user.


I see. So you weren’t supposed to be super tricky then? Well it’s safe to say you’re an honourable legit player and I’d love to really face you.