What is the number inside parentheses before the item skill? help please

I’m new playing DQ i just wonder what is the number inside parenthesis prior item skill. some items i see has 1 or 5 or what. Please reply

its the rank lvl of a set affix.
(not sure if this is what u talkin about? ex. ballista [5] ?)

example. if u wear aftermath affix helm and aftermath affix armor that would rank[2]

on other hand when u got +2 all set affix from nadjori ring/amulet.
ex. aftermath affix on helm
+2all set affix on ring
that would result to rank [3] aftermath

max cap for +2all set is 4. so if u got 2x+2all set affix ur set affix will be rank 5. on the other hand if u add another same set affix in ur other gears.

ex. rage affix on mh wep
+2all set on ring/amulet
rage affix on armor

that would result to rank [6] rage

+2all set affix can be get through nadjori ring/amulet and can also be obtain from putting elixir myth on ring/amulet

green affix? set affix (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Best advice for new players is take the time to read the guides section of this forum. There’s a lot to learn, a taking the time to do some reading will help you a ton, and save a lot of questions about the basics like different affix types, natures, and affix caps. The wiki also has lots of great starter info.