What is you least favorite skill?

My are Meteor since i suck at aim the location where the meteor strike.

Cleaning my cats’ kitty litter…


Chakram whirling blades. Periphery set + chakram much better IMO than whirling blades skill itself.

Phaseshift… o wait… wrong game… nvm :slight_smile:

its proc rate is so low, whirling blades is much more reliable

No its not. Not if you have super fast chakram and attack speed. Also whirling blades has a thing where once you hit it , there’s a delay in hitting other skills but periphery doesn’t have that delay and it seems to actually obey APS with normal chakram. The process rate is not low from what I’ve tested but then again, I used Epiphany, Angelic and threw every APS thing I wanted for that chakram and whirling blades PvE with Periphery. Idk how good I can get whirling blades in PvP though.

It was a test build however and not a full fledged build. Using periphery (5), chakram, 75% Attack speed, Angelic , Celerity and whatever else I could throw at it , those periphery happened so fast for whirling blades that Proc out since chakram returns so quickly at higher attack speed and attacks so fast too.


Casting whirling blades freezes your rogue. I don’t like it either

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Not just rogue, any class and yep that I agree. I think even Clogon mentioned it himself and wanted an improvement to it.

Whirling blades is good if you are using proc builds. Just like with other special skills that has long cooldowns. But still chakram with high speed can proc several skills compared to whirling blades. Almost all special skills with long cd casts an instant proc. And i agree that this skill needs to be rmk or improved. I will rather choose multi/scatter/blinkstrike over whirling blades that doesnt have movement impairing ability :smiley:.

For me skullshield still rocks and rolls. With extra stacked procs from other items (eg 2 eternal mayhem items ) it makes my gaming look like a xmas light show. Very disorientating

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wait, does using whirling blades freeze you? or is it that you can’t use the Chakrams until they return? I remember being able to run around after using whirling blade, you just have to wait until they come back before you can use them again.
I was just thinking of using whirling blades, then running/teleporting away real fast and letting them zap everything on their way back to you. they do more damage the more monsters they pierce. haven’t tried it yet, but now that I have thought of it, I wonder if it would work or even be worth using, or only usable in certain maps and situations.
unfortunately, I don’t have a least favorite skill yet, I haven’t really used all of the skills enough to figure that one out.

I thought of it too but it isn’t the best. Still you can try it. I preferred the peripheral + chakram though .

meteor :confounded:

Blast ( 1st skill of Gauntlet).

Blast sucks


I’m learning to like blinkstrike as a result of scoundrel sets on other builds

Blinkstrike is pretty cool :smile: . Although it was nerfed so its not the same but its still a nice skill but I do miss old blinkstrike which was fairly OP.

Discordance blinkstrike though can be powerful but even without discordance, blinkstrike with Ninja set is pretty neat.

I’ve got an apocalypse rogue with a scroundrelshield , mayhem hat and armour, unity and etc ring. Doing very well in pvp. Just need to replace the eternal shield so I get 10 dexterity in both crafted main hand andrive off hand weapons