What is Your Least Favorite Enemy?


Yep. Only the happy feet :mountain_snow: :snowflake: can stop those worms in their tracks from moving so they die. Frozen I speak of.


DQ fast farming = fast battery drainer . Well , totally gonna get my S5 over the S6 anyday lol. DQ isn’t that bad in battery drain until you fast farm + packsize high number and repeat for hours.


the bad thing about the worms in a mob, is that when they shoot at you all at once, it is instant 150% damage for them all, I think, if at least 4 of them hit you. but I notice that they can be frozen, which I am thinking of a way to use in a build. when I have frozen them, they don’t shoot at me and are stuck in place. but they are one of the toughest monsters in DQ. and when they have extra attacks on challenge maps? not good.


My phone even become hotter that way


my problem is if I rush around too much on the pack size maps, LAG! so I end up using ranged attacks to clear the way. I have been experimenting with using my twister to clear the way, but I need to upgrade my DPS and Twister skill. when the pack size is big enough, I get overwhelmed by lag. :unamused: and pack size magic/rare mobs are even tougher, but the loot! :heart_eyes:
I think any Rare Pack size monsters are my least favorite, especially if they have a ranged attack. it feels like I am getting attacked by the Death Star. :boom:




My phone cold due to undervolt even if it gets warm on DQ. My phone got even warmer on GPU demanders like Eternium.


I don’t have any problem with packsize map now. After tweaking with my phone.


packsize is by far my favorite modifier aslong as you have explosion. though that’s lag city lol


Taunt . It’s still lag but nowhere near lag city like 400% explosive is.


Frozen+Plagued+Taunt+Explosive+Earthshatter+150% Packsize Map.