What item is best to use for enchanting?

I’m new to enchanting, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to proceed. What stats on an item do you look for before you begin the enchanting process? Should it be level 100? or 20+ quality? or certain affixes?

Item level isn’t so important, because one crystal can jump alot at a time. I’d say anything in the ballpark of 80 +/- should be easy to max to 100. Quality is way more important IMO because you get 1 and only 1 per crystal. I’m not sure the max value you can find naturally, I’ve found up to 10%, and that is most likely the top end. I look for 5% usually, less is acceptable if it already has some affixes you want. Other than that just lookout for items with hard to get affixes on that you want, and go from there. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. Do the affixes really matter (the latter advice in your post) if they will be re-rolled, as in this suggestion from another thread?

Use Peridot(s) to get item to max ilvl.
Increasing item quality is a must if the item has a lot of affix’s with large ranges of numbers.

First I add all the affix’s with stats that wont change, like green Set affix and socketed mythstones.
Secondly I add crystal affix, this will have the largest number range.
Next add affix’s with small number ranges, like multi attack (1-2), so much easier to reroll perfect using diamond at this stage, concentrate on the crystal affix to be perfect, and then check on the affixs like multi attack which can only be 1 or 2.
Lastly I would add epic affixs, as they can be re rolled separately using a Fluroite.

If its an item with a lot of affixs with large number ranges, wear high luck% gear, max ilvl, max out quality, get your self a huge stack of diamonds and keep rerolling and hope the RNG gods are kind to you, praying to RNGeesus helps a lot :wink:
But to be honest, all 6 affixs will never roll in perfect all at the same time, so set yourself a minimum of what you would be happy with. Concentrate on 2 or 3 main affixs that you want to be perfect or damn close to perfect, and hope the other 3 are close to your minimum of what your happy with.[/quote]

You’re going to reroll (rerolling means changing the value only, not the affix itself) everything most likely to try to getter better stats at some point. What I’m saying is just look for affixes that you won’t change. For example, if you want to have an item that has a certain set affix and also movement speed, if you find one keep it and use it as a starting point regardless of ilvl or quality. Set, legendary and crystal affixes are more expensive to try and get than either lvl or quality.

So, I should basically totally ignore any rare or epic items, right? And only pick up legendary or crystal items, stripping the affixes I dont want while adding better affixes? And if I want a legendary item that can drop on floor 1, it might be best to just farm floor 1 instead of 100+, so that my kill rate is higher? And then strip off all the other affixes that i dont want, and use crystals Sorry, I’m a newb at this.

TBH, a lot of it is personal preference and/or based on your needs. I pick up everything, and when I want to make an item I just keep an eye out for a base item thats suitable.