What method do You Use to level quickly?

Hey all!

I am just curious what method you guys all use to level up as quickly as possible? I’m working on my 3rd Ascension with Rogue and so far what’s worked for me is 5x Quest Mythstones in all my gear, and for my weapon I use a chakram with an altered Special Skill: KnightsCharge then I buy maps until I get one with 80%+ Pack Size and run through those. I don’t use a hireling because it seems the hireling shares / ‘steals’ experience from my Rogue (maybe I’m wrong about this?). And I don’t believe the hireling’s Quest Mythstones stack with my Rogue’s (but maybe it still works for the hireling?).

Anyway what methods have worked well for you guys?

Quest mythstone in every piece + plagued and adventurer and move speed on gear. Got my warrior levels fast with whirlwind. Also I kept rare+ only maps and using Crystal got them with pack size 100%+
If you get magic enemies with that it’s even better and with enshrined you had 500% exp from 200 with the exp shrine.

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