What should i do with this?

crafted this i while ago. Dont know what to do with it haha
I was going for a Crit Chance, Crit DMG, Deadly Strike. Plus poison cloud plagued i think for PVP. I really dont know how to build any set haha i think i wanna use a flintlock for it.

Any input is helpful :slight_smile:

Hmmm … make a blinkstrike or chakram rogue

if you’re going to make use of Vampiric Touch, make sure your build has a way to make your enemies bleed, and don’t put any HP Regen on your build either, this set nullifies it.
Ninja skill tree has a Talent that gives bleed chance, or the bleed chance affix, or a weapon skill/proc that causes bleed, like Scalp. since you are using Poison, you can’t use Blistering, as that requires Fire element and elemental crit Immolate.
the only other option is to use Amethyst to get another Set affix that you can use that goes well with the build you are crafting.

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Or you can equip an eternal mayhem hat and vault around spawning procs. I do that. It’s funny. You have elemental bonus which helps. And deadly strike. Just an idea

I was thinking something similar with Teleport and Angelic set with some procs.

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