What stats do mirror images get?

Quick question, what stats/buffs/debuffs do mirror images get if any? Example, if i have 30% crushing blow on my main, will my mirror image attacks do any crushing blow?


I guess so

I guess not, the damage of Mirror Images defend on OH damage not with MH damage, Images attack just copy skills of MH.

Any damage can trigger crushing blow.

What about deadly arts?

Trickster + Mirror Image = Naruto x2 x2 x2.

Mirror Image deals damage same as Maintoon when using MH and not OH. And it can alsp trigger Crushing Blow, Deadly or anything just need to have long Mirror Image duration.

That’s good,how many images r possible ?


Also I’ve seen up to 4 max when I used it in the past. I didn’t try to maximize mirage though. Maybe you can get more than 4.

The vision of ten Images do Blinkstrike at the same time…just awesome :laughing:

Mirror image only deals 100% OH damage but casts MH skills. That means any MH skill that mirror image casts only deals 100% OH. Very small damage until you buff hero points, push the limit and have many mirror images as possible. Also identity set at times.

Maximum I’ve gotten was 5 mirror images and no more yet.

Also yes mirror image can cause crushing blow and I was thinking of making a mirror image build one day. High Mirror Image OH% will make that easier too. Also Mirror image deals summon damage after you increase hero points since you do summon it technicially. Maybe summon DMG affix affects it if it’s worth using.

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