What strategy to do to reach higher levels quickly thank you! And is there a difference on the drop rate of items if you are selecting the difficulty. The higher the difficulty the higher the item?

I meanhigher the difficulty the rarer it is?? Or should i select very east to pass all the levels imediately?

Imo, use items with +exp% or grind alot. Difficulty level will affect because of +% in drop rates.

Mythic 3
+175% EXP
+350% Luck
+350% Gold find

But the enemy is much stronger and has higher HP
Luck affect drops.

I think when starting out. Go to a floor and difficulty that you finish the map fast.
Faster finish = faster xp + faster loot.

Im currently at level 32 sir so the default setting is very easy. I would switch it to m3?

So youre saying sir that on every level i must be at m3?
Then it will takec time to reach upper levels isnt?

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Not necessarily, try to start at lower difficulty for fast kill, fast gold, fast exp if your set is not that great yet.

Okay sir.