What synergises best with crushing flames?

Looking at using crushing flames in a build on a wizard just cause flames look awesome. Was wondering what set affix synergies to use. What sets best trigger off immolate etc. Any constructive help would be appreciated.

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Inferno and berserker (because of the berserker bonus) work pretty well :smile:


Don’t forget the core. Without Crushing Blow it’s all pointless. :smile: Cheers!


OK. Thank you for the replies guys. Now this is where I get confused.

We have legend affixes
ElemCrit DMG - Blistering, Celestial, Blight, High Voltage, Frostbiting
and Elemental Critical - Increases Toxic, Torrent, Freezing, Immolate and Orbit
What triggers what, does the weapon element cause blistering and if that crits causes Immolate.?
If so how can I increase chances of elemental crit ie immolation is it through epic affix crit chance or legend affix elemental crit chance%. or simply adding extra legend affixes -Element DMG%??
Secondly: Does Blistering act like bleeding? can extra bleed damage affix increase blistering damage

I hope my questions make some sense

Blistering affects immolate so every time an immolate occurs it’s effect will apply as well.

The best way to trigger immolate is with the legend elemental crit chance% affix while using a fire element weapon

Yes it should it’s causing a bleed based on immolate damage that should then be multipliable with bleed damage increases :smile:


Thankyou @Griffin


Glad to help out!!! :smile: