What The F*** ? - Arena builds

Well …
As you will see, that guys seems to have an awesome - crazy - stuff
(Ice type)
And because I can’t see his items (higher ranked than me it seems…), I’d like to know guys if you have any idea about the stuff he could have used ?
To me it could only be cheating but I’m not an expert…
I only have some informations on his stuff :

  • vanish Shield - masochist ring - awesome eternal pet -
    About procs / skills / mythics / affixes : he uses earthquake torrent bleed dots scalp whirlwind - bash (I have combat log video - too much screens - i’ll add later the combat log video if you want)

Let’s define that awesome stuff / define this guy as a cheater (even if I would like to know that freakin’ stuff :smiley:)

you focus at hp that one do the balance build

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Oh well … Didn’t thought about it…
Do you think it is worth it running with an equality affix ? I thought it wasn’t used much anymore ?

What’s the balance build?

it was depend on the user have affix they want to use, like me im not using defiant

balance the hp and power