What to do past mythic 3?

So I finally got the gear and can now burn down mythic 3 cartographers like they’re dry tinder. Had to restart at floor 200 since I just switched difficulty. But what am I climbing for? Is there anything special at floor 500 or 1000? I’ve heard item drops get better, is it a significant amount? I’d also be interested to hear if the devs are going to be introducing new end game content in the next big expansion. Don’t worry, I’m not bored of the game yet, just wondering if there’s something to look forward to.

As I remember 520+ floors when you get a eternal drop it will always be ilvl 100. So if your hunting for a eternal equips that’s going to be good.

Well some drops used to be found on a certain floor like the farming gears was at 350+
mythical / eternalized / crystalline.

I know the next patch will have pve content.

Mythical, eternalized and crystalline can only be found at floor 350+? Why do I have an Eternal flintlock with eternalized affix when my farming rogue is only at floor 318? And I do remember having unreal hood and glinting slicer.

used to - It’s a bug that every drop now doesn’t have a floor limit. It started around beta.

You could check your codex → legendex → Immoral Flintlock It says on the bottom found past floor 350.