What to do to over optimize dodge + block?

what to do to over optimize dodge + block? im already tired of scouring dictionary over and over again whenever i think of something new

it really needs an item affix filter


for Rogue, you can go +100% and higher Dodge with a Stealth Build. Search :mag: for Perma Stealth Builds.

Warriors can go +100% Block with a +100% Block Build. you can do a Search :mag_right: on that also.

All three classes can can do +60% Dodge & +60% Block, with Wizard & Rogue Jaspering Items from Warrior. with Epiphany (5), all 3 Classes can have +75% Dodge & +75% Block.

also, all three Classes can put Sanctuary Mythic on their Amulet/Necklace for more defense.