What to do with old legendaries

So I’ve just started playing and I have found myself with so many legendaries that I’m out of room. Some are really good and I’m using them, others well… Not so good. Is there something I should be doing with them? I’m lvl 36 If that helps.
Also at what level and item color should I save them to use crystals and mythic stones on?
Is there a guide hiding around here that can answer these questions and better prepare me for this game? Google searches, YouTube and this sites search engine aren’t really helping.
Thank you.

P.S. I can’t even seem to find what to do with the green colored items that aren’t as good as what I’m wearing.

If you have enough money, convert them, or, if you have time/money, make another char to fit the item if it’s good enough. Upload some screenshots, if you would like, and I’ll help you out with what to do with them, and so will others probably. :smile:

If you don’t have enough money right now, at least hold on to the greens until you can afford to convert them. Converting them is the easiest way to get the rarest crystals!


With fhe red legends that you don’t need, sell at your level since it will be extremly hard to afford gold to convert 1 legend for your level. Don’t convert all useless legends because you might need to convert them at late game at somr point.

I think what he means is to only sell the ones you have to to make room but try to convert the ones you have to start making sronger gear with the crystals that you recieve with the crystals, but if you look at the top inyour storage you can change tabs and buy some with gold you find in game, that is if you havent already :smile: