What to do?


A little bit of english comprehension helps. It’s as the book says, socket many many mythstones to unlock hints.

If you find that as an inefficient use of mythstones, you may also consider going to www.google.com and type “Dungeon Quest mythics” to learn the recipes instantly.

Link error, but as ocenyx seems to talk about mythics and mythstones :


It was a screenshot of the Mythics entry from the codex. Now that I looked again at my reply maybe it didn’t actually answer the question. Seeing as OP did not reply to this thread, I’ll just assume that he needs spoonfeeding on this matter.

@OP Here’s how to make mythics:

-Click Diieter’s link on mythics.
-Read it. Check if you have the required mythstones for the mythic skill you want to create.
-Find or make an item with at least 4 sockets.
-Insert the required mythstones in any order.
-Clap your hands as your item becomes purple colored.