What to save on your way to 99? - Low lvl Inv management

So pretty smooth sailing through level 50 here, but my 4 inventory bags on my ally and I just keep filling up super fast. I’m always hesitant to sell items becus I dont have a great sense of what affixes ate best yet.

So I’m looking for community suggestions on what items I should focus on saving (if any) and what I can sell.

So far I am saving any legendary items (red name) and any items.with 3 or more open sockets. My ideas being that I can convert the leg items. And that all the items now r gonna a be pretty weak compared to high levels/ascendant, so only the ones that I can later craft into stronger items are the things I shouldn’t sell.

Does this make much sense? Any other tips for inventory management at low levels is greatly appreciated.

Sell everything except crystals, mythstones, legendary/eternal maps and special sets like Nadroji, Eternalized and Crystaline.
Beyond that, you’re going to find tons of the other common sets. Socketed items I wouldn’t bother with unless it’s got a set affix you will use already. Adding sockets to items is cheaper than trying to add set affixes.
If you find legend MH items that have affixes that can’t be added with ruby (~100% WD for example), maybe save those to craft a sweet weapon, but don’t worry too much, there will be lots.

If you find a 4 socketed ring, put hunter on it asap till you get the hunter perk from ascension. Just equip the ring before you activate any of the shrines then re-equip your normal killing ring after you have used d the hunter ring to activate the shrine.