What types

What types of eternal is good for pvp list it and if it’s ok give me some picture thanks i love eternal item

I don’t remember names, but I know set affixes they come with:

  • Cerebral Vortex’s Amulet: This one is the most popular eternal that I’ve seen on PVP builds. It just gives six affixes which are useful on PVP (CV, Balance, PTL, +4-6 Skulldraga or Torrent, All Resist and Flat ED).
  • Mythical Head and Weapon: They’re eternal which have 4 mythstone slots, which allows you to craft a Mythic + 3 Epic Affixes on it. Considering that you’re always crafting Flat HP, ED and something else, it’s always something to think about.
  • Inferno Weapons: They give ED+ and HP+ and some other useful affixes, which vary from which class you got the weapon.
  • Aethereal Drain MH and OH: They give very useful affixes for anyone which rellies on primary attacks.

There are others, I don’t remember exactly set affix name, then maybe I’ll check them later.


Give some picture please

It’s more hard than remembering names


Quality post right there :ok_hand: .

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I see 2 pros :nerd_face:

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Eternal cataclysm, disaster carapace and chaos visage (if you are into procs).

Eternals from equality set (except weapons) are nice for regen builds.

Eternal stolen galea and natural justice from gladiator set gives you str, int, balance and hp+. It req lots of dust though but its good if you dont have trophy yet.

Eternals from summoner and spiritmancer sets are all great @dickwad only if you are using minions to attack.

*extra notes to add from the previous post of @luisfsk. Might be useful for your future refs. :wink:


Someone knows my play style :slight_smile: @slimycucumber . If you are fortunate to get an eternal nadroji amulet and a eternal cataclysm ring then you have all the procs , all sets, skills and talents in two items

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Keep in mind that Aethereal Drain removes mp regen