What's makes arrow become faster and slower?

Hello :smile:

I wanna ask (again), what’s exactly makes GuidedShot arrow become faster and slower?
I’m just finished my last ascension and wanted to build a PvE rogue as i’m going to climb from my current highest floor (300+) into thousand floors, but i came into the situation which makes me confuses, currently my equipments is far from completed, however, i’m gonna fill the blank slots with experimenting;

Any help would be appreciated :relaxed:
And i also in need of suggestions to make this build stronger

put atk speed, and use rogue talent fletcher, and to be more effective put x2 multi atk, or x2extra atk, but i prefer x2 multi atk

that way you can make your bow faster, and effective

Legendary ED% on as many pieces as you can, Blight on as many pieces as you can, Ignore Resist on one piece somewhere, +2 All Sets on ring and amulet, Skilled mythic on your chest, crystal Deadly Strike somewhere.

Also you might consider using an Amber to change your OH special skill from Sentry to MirrorImage. I find it really useful but I suppose it’s arguably personal preference.

Those are my thoughts.

@Kcellvirus and @Benzonia thanks for the answer and your suggestions are really appreciated. How about epiphany set affixes? Does it usefull for my rogue? I just got hands of epiphany and i see it also contains ED% legend affix i already convert it to a bow

use that bow :smiley:

but for me id rather use vacuus :smiley: just use epiphany if you really want higher caps of affix, coz for me those regular caps is enough to wipe and clear maps fast :smiley:

Oh ok @Kcellvirus i’m gonna use it and focusing on poison or ice as i’ve build a rogue which deals 30+ millions damage to billions using ice but then it dying a lot as i’ve placed 2 glasscanon, so i’m gonna make an alt.
Oh i’m sorry, hands of epiphany doesn’t have ED% but it does have WD%