Whats The Important In High Floors?

**what affix in defense is the important in high floors ? ARMOR ? HP ? BLOCK ? DODGE ?

dodge would be nice (for me). especially when you have pathfinder X)

thanks :slight_smile:

Block and Dodge. Avoiding damage is best when a one-shot is inevitable.

thanks :slight_smile: i have one more socket to put a crystal affix ^^ , my choices are dodge,armor,hp,block .

If your going to high floors where being okoed (one hit koed) is inevitable, I would replace hp and armour with crystal affix crushing blow and maybe deadly strike.

This is providing you already have 45% crit chance, 225% crit dmg (maxed using rage set affix), along with crystal affix block and dodge.

The next one could be crushing blow (must have for super high floors) and an optional deadly strike or whatever floats your boat.

Then having capped the all sets affix so you can be able to have multiple set affixes at (5) . Can be done either by elixir on ring and amulet or by havjng legend affix all sets (from nadroji ring and nadrojis crystal which is amulet).

Obviously after that basic setup with the crystal affixes, high dps is a must have as well anyways. Rage (5) set affix is one of a kind to get 350% crit dmg (cap) and the brutal mythic helps for deadly strike. Pathfinder especially helps with dodge for more than 25% dmg increase.

Then whatever your build could be along with set affixes such as momentum for eg as well as other set affixes. Frozen (5) set affix (if you plan to make high dps frozen build along with the permafrost set affix).

This is just a basic idea for high floor and I hope this helps.

haha thanks sir . that build is so close to my idea ^^ thanks so much . another knowledge from u

if i put 100% ice damage . i need to put +5000 ice damage ? what if only ice damage % where do the % calculated ? in + ?

like this : if i put +5000 ice damage , and i put 100% ice damage . so my +5000 damage will 2x ? what if ice damage % only ?

in short way . what is the best ? 3 affix with +5000 ice damage and 1 100% ice damage OR 1 affix with +5000 ice damage and 3 affix with 100% ice damage ? hahaha! i really dont know the formula sir