What's the max cap in the game?

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I decided to play the game again knowing how active the community forum is. My question is, whats the maximum cap for Gold find, Luck and Item Drop?

If there’s a thread about it maybe you can share.



You can find it by tapping the codex then stats you can find there the maximum stats cap…

The luck and gold find cap will go beyond it’s cap by picking this ascending


And it would cap up to 850% for both luck and gold find. With epiphany set (5) it can reach up to 1012%.


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@Vinz thanks for the additional info.


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What? I can’t read thay

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Basically means Thank you very much in Japanese. Arigato gozaimasu . or just Arigato. Also arigato gozaimashita , doumo arigato, dozo.


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looks like @Ilovegrind has a good Farm Build. nice Luck & Item Drop. and the Eternal, Crystal, Ultra Rare Find rates are excellent.

Luck can be overclocked to 1145 and items drop to 350 if Epiphany set of 6 or higher.

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I remember in my early days wanting to make a maxed Epiphany Farm Build like some other players, but I decided more recently to do a Lazy Epiphany (5) Build that has 100% Drop Rate & +850% Luck & Gold Find, that uses Shrines to max out my Farm Affixes. so basically 1/3 of the maps have one of or both of those Shrines (I have Enshrined Perk), and that frees up space for defense & offense.

Too easy- to start, hireling farm stats dont seem to affect anything… idk if its always been that way or a new thing, but thats my testing last week :confused: correct me if im wrong!

Luck: base of 200%, 1 cyan affix for 225%, 1 epic affix on pet for 75% and 20 in fortunate for 50%… plus the 350% from mythic 3 difficulty
200 + 225 + 75 + 50 + 350 = 800%

Gold find is similar but has a base of 100%

At this point i mostly use epiphany for extra block/ dodge lol

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it’s been a long time since I did any Farm Testing with a Main & Hireling. but with my Wizard Farm Build with Epiphany, my Luck & Gold Find is Crystal +225%, 1 each of Luck & Greed Natures, Fortunate Skill 20, Fortunate Perk, and M3 Difficulty for the +850% Cap. a Legend +50% Item Drop with Fortunate Skill 20 gives Item Drop +100%. the epiphany allows me to get to +1012% Gold Find & Luck with Green Shrines and Item Drop +250% with White Shrines.

and like @TeaCup I like the extra Block, Dodge, Crit Chance & Crit Damage.

as soon as I finish Ascending my Rogue & Warrior, I am going to do the testing for Farming for a Farm Team. been around 2-3 years since I last did it and am not sure if there have been any changes since then. Gold Find was the one affix that looked like it only needed to be on the Main, which means an extra Crystal affix for Hirelings offense.

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Btw what is luck? % chance to get crystal and mythstone or it is just to have a higher chance to drop the legend item

When an item drops, it has a chance to be: normal, magic, rare, epic, legend, eternal/crystal…
Luck affects the rarity of dropped items
Im not so sure if it affects crystals and mythstones

Tho floor number affects crystal rarity to an extent… up to floor 500


Luck does affect Crystals & Myth Stones. I remember when I started increasing Luck, the next 2 higher Crystals & Myth Stones would start to drop sometimes when I was under floor 100.

also, you can see the difference if you use a Fighting Build versus a Farming Build on the same floor. especially on lower Difficulty that gives lower Luck %.

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