Where do you guys find good items/crystal/mythstone?

Hi all, Im a newbie who are on second ascension (both char warrior + wizard)

Currently Im running on floor 220 and all my legend drops are not improving compared to floor 1xx

It’s getting harder and harder, I started to die more often.

So my question is, at which floor will the more powerful legend/crystal/mythstone drop? How did you guys overcome the mid-game-crisis like me?

Another thing, I got a Legend Ragnarok with defiant on my Wizard, should i invest all my 90-95 crystal to craft CosmicOrb in it?

Thanks for reading!

The drop rates for items don’t really improve as you go higher in floors. Certain rare items become unlocked once you hit a certain floor threshold (like floor 350, or 400, or 500) but they’re still a very rare drop no matter what floor it is. Doing floor 200 over and over and over is just about as good as doing floor 399 over and over and over.

Crystals and mythstones are a bit different. Every 100 floors, the rarity increases by 1. So by floor 100, calcite/hero never drop at all and angelite/mentor become the most common crystal/mythstone drop. By floor 200, angelite/mentor now never drop at all and quartz/protest becomes the most common crystal/mythstone drop. This pattern continues until floor 500, which means that Floor 500 and beyond provides the best rarity and becomes the best place to farm crystals and mythstones.

Mid-game crisis? Dunno how to fix it, just farm like crazy until you get that drop you want that re-energizes you.

Also, CosmicOrb is a mythic affix, which means it is crafted through mythstones. Crystals can’t make mythics.