Where have all the ogres gone, long time passing?

I haven’t seen any ogres for a week or two. I don’t recall any posts about them being taken out. Is there some reason they aren’t showing up anymore? Did we kill all of them?

yeah i exterminate all the ogres with my big staff :smiley:

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That sounds extremely dirty… :astonished:

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Poor ogres, you killed them all :frowning:

So they’ve really gone the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon?

I…I don’t think we meant to kill all of them…just, you know, most of them. :blush:

They were cool - more interesting than the slimes, not as cranky as the skeletons. You know, just pretty much nice guys, for monsters, that is. Can’t you pull some lever somewhere behind the curtain there and make them reappear?

We promise not to kill all of them again.

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Have you tried looking in Act 1, floor 4 or 5? I’m sure they might be hiding somewhere there!

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