Where I can find more items?

I’m a wizard 97

lv… . but my gear is quiet bad…
I wish everybody give me a guide to collect more enternal items and build my main?

the higher the floor the better the item drop

Focus on your Luck % and Item Drops % affixes. If you max them, look for eternalized and crystalline set items. Use all of this and farm challenge maps with Pack Size 100%+

Also get to level 99 and ascend. Repeat until you have all ascensions.

You can do much better than that weapon. Find a weapon with % weapon damage or % element damage, then use low level crystals to add/roll Weapon damage. If the weapon doesn’t have a socket, add one and put a 50% weapon damage mythstone in it. If you have affixes you can re-roll after this, then try to roll extra attack chance. You should end up with more dmg than 32k base :wink:

Idk what the rest of your gear looks like so I can’t comment on it. I would open those arena chests, no point in saving them, and sell all of those maps if you aren’t using them right away.

As for farming better gear, as mentioned, use item drop% and Luck. Farm floors 101-200 on Mythic 3 difficulty for more luck/GF/item drop%.