Where is the best place to farm Enslaver?

Hi guys, i just know that killing 200 Enslavers will grant us with a random legend pet.
I want a pet with usable set affix and hp leech, so i was wondering wheres the best place to farm Enslavers?

Any input is welcome :laughing:

is basically randomize, i can only tell the fastest way to hunt them is to choose easy floor/map, low enemy power(episode) so that you can kill mob faster.

Thus, faster clear speed, faster hunting them, well just my opinion, maybe old player have better solution than mine O_o

Enslaver spawn randomly in the dungeon, so there’s no best place to farm him :smile:

Any floor from 21 onwards, and already said, its random if he spawns or not :wink:

Stack some movement speed and try to find small maps, then just do a quick lap looking for the green glow. Reload and repeat. I wouldnt do it that way, but if you’re in a hurry and just want pets, that would be the fastest I guess.

Its quite hard to collect 200 Enslavers ya…

I’ll stop for today haha, still 50 more to go…

You ain’t lying. I’m five away, but have been within 10 for 3 days or so. I’ve had terrible streaks. 20+ levels with none to be found, then 10 in a row with, then none. I’d like a more steady flow at least. Oh well, getting there at least.

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Past 3 complete feats of killing 200 enslavers has awarded me the same pet :frowning:
My stash looks more like a shelter for homeless dogs.

This feat is causing me huge problems lol :wink:

Exactly the same? Which one? I’m gonna go finish it off and see if I get the same… possible bug maybe?

( Ahaha JesteR! :'D )

So, here’s my “strategy”: Since Enslaver occur past floor 20 , I go to Floor 21 (Poison Dungeon) and farm this map over and over again.

+: more likely to “spawn” a smaller dungeon and bright/clear maps for faster run-through.

-: Pets are low level, so you’ll need longer until your pet has reached a high(er) Level/Stats.

I only focus on the Enslaver, I don’t kill elite mobs, since I’m not going to farm for legendary items but for legendary pets. Preferably change the Enemy Power to higher ones, to increase the chance of getting one of the desired legendary Pets.
I’m having Movement Speed capped (50%) as well as a Shock Weapon to ensure a faster run-through. :smile:

Stitch pet

Stitch pet[/quote]
Well I finally finished it, Rage dropped. You my friend, must be very unlucky. [emoji14]

Gratz! ^

Stitch pet[/quote]
Well I finally finished it, Rage dropped. You my friend, must be very unlucky. [emoji14][/quote]

Or very very lucky if I was going for a stash full of Stitch’s :wink:

Stitch pet[/quote]
Well I finally finished it, Rage dropped. You my friend, must be very unlucky. [emoji14][/quote]

Does it have hp leech? I want one with hp leech :sunglasses:

Im using my warrior now, just sprinting all over the map.
Ive tried using wizard too, but the enemies have not spawned yet when i teleported.

And if theres too many mobs or item on the ground it gets laggy.

For those who are using element ice, its best to look out for shibe and cerebus. These are the only legendary pet that are ice in nature and the only chance of getting ice dmg on em.

Nope, no leech.

And I have a Cerberus and a Shibe, no ice damage on either. :frowning:

Finally get mine, a shibe with permafrost, +2 vault, +1 stagger, 11.6% bleed damage, 24 all resist and 7% gold find…
Hahah not worth the time n effort i guess…

I hope next one is better

@Just Me: At least he looks cool :smiley: