Where is your jesus now?

Lol @JesusSaves

Finally I got Jesus saves after trying a thousand times haha lol @jesussaves

Lol I’m surprised my guy is still in Eternal league. Good job :joy_cat:

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lol fighting jesus is a big sin not counting killing him. u wont get to heaven dude haha.

@JesusSaves uve been inactive in forum stil playin?

xD this is bullying hahaha lol

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then the ban hammer will be used. =P Given that JesusSaves is still enjoying the thread, I’ll leave things be.

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sorry for my word I just got carried and laugh all the way :smile:

Yeah I’m starting up again. DQ is just a really solid game with excellent mechanics, I love it


Glad you’re back from your sabbatical… @Skaul has been missing you.

I am Jesus.

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Lmao @Skaul xD

LOL :slight_smile:

TH! Hahahaha

Lol, nice.

its alive haha