Where should I put my stat points?

Hello I’m new to the game, just started a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it. I was just the wondering what’s the best way to spec out a warrior? I’ve kinda just been dumping points into power but should I put points into health and mana too?

I recommend not getting mana, but putting stat points equally in health and power. Later on you will really need that extra health, as enemies will get fairly strong.

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If you are a wizard, consider putting points into mana and then using blood magic as this will allow you to regenerate health very quickly since mana regen will become HP regen. However, if you use teleport a lot, then continue putting it all into power, then use teleport to hit and run from enemies.

But… Unless you find an item (legendary) with the affix blood magic, go for power and health evenly. At floor ~185 normal mobs will do 6k damage and epic enemies will generally oneshot you. But once you are over floor 100 you will find tons more gold and you will be able to respec.

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