Where to find Merlin's Imp?!?

I know where Merlin’s Imp is…
It’s in my stash… :smile_cat:


Great catch. I still haven’t had that critter drop!!


I have one but not in use right now.
Is ur equiped pet 's a little weird ?

Thank you, Mr_Scooty :smile_cat:.
Pure luck, of course… farming at level 575, stats maxxed…

I removed the basically useless Set affix and added an extra epic slot…


I had that once… I deleted the app accidentally then forgot to save it in cloud…

The horn is still missing


That’s awesome . I still haven’t found it either xD the pet. I found every other seven deadly sins except the pet lmao

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The horn is so difficult to find

At least you have the pet. You can just use dust, for the horn, if you want too.

True dat

Yep, but i want to keep the dust for eternals

The amount of gold you have in your picture, 2,147,483,647, is the maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer…

In other words, thatsalotta gold…



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Yep, its been a year playing this, those were the times that i collected so many legends all my stash and inventory were full and sold those were commonly legend drop


Cuz what is the limit for gold

My friend got his gold up to 15.100b, he’s spending lot of money buying from the store

I think they raised the limit to 64 bit. The limit used to just be 32 bit integer aka 2.147 Billion gold and no higher but developers have raised the limit very high.

I can’t be 100% sure but if this were true, the new gold limit would be 9 Quintillion and nobody could reach that in a lifetime, unless they cheat the game. At least you’d be sure you’ll never reach the limit. It used to be that after 2 billion, you can’t earn anymore gold though.

Of course don’t take me 100% since I know not the new gold limit but you can certainly get a lot of gold.

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Yeah I see that, but the inventory is stuck at 2b and not adding up like the ones underneath the mp bar


Yeah that’s a thing.

I have one too, but I’m probably never level up it

too much gold…
how many legends found do you have?

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