Where to find Merlin's Imp?!?


Before 3.0 update I got so many legends for converting and selling.

My legends are startin from stash 1 to premium stash. Still doing it right now​:grinning::grinning:


I mean leaderboards legend founds


Damn, that’s a lotta gold and it was bought from the store :joy: I mean dollars!


Well, mine is now at 6.4B. Still can’t catch the count of my old comrades tho (those who are playing 3 years+) prolly, they’re now at 10-11B and that’s fa’sho.


@Bizzaro_Stormy nice find tho :heartbeat: been doing a lot of Enslavers lately, but still can’t find that Imp. You’re pretty blessed by RNGesus for real.


Thanks Tyron :smiley_cat: