Where to hunt Nadroji's

I was wondering if there is any specific floors that have a higher chance of getting nadroji’s? So far i’ve been getting a ton of crystal amulets but that’s not what i need though. It would really be great if there’s a specific floor in which i can hunt this ring or amulet. Thanks in advance :smile:

Theres no specific floor. I got mine floor 140+ and 120+.

i found all mine at floor 250+

all u need to do is to pray

I’ve been chasing after a nadroji for the past two days. Getting the same legends over and over… It’ll come soon… I hope!

i sold like 6 of em…i didnt want that legend… shrugs

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I do find myself selling more legends than I use… But hey. Every so often I find one that fits better with my build than the one I had. Although, even with the crystal enchant system, I’m using an Epic Gauntlet and Hat instead of an Re-rolled Legend.