Where's My Shared Stash?

Just bought the $4.99 4 stashes. But I am still unable to use or access them. Furthermore, I can no longer click on the “Purchase Stashes” button that you can see on the tab for Shared Stash 5,6 and Crystal and Mythstone stashes. Tried uploading, downloading, clicking restore purchases, and even deleting data and redownloading my data. Fought in Arena, went to the next Floors, used items, attempted to transfer items to another stash, etc. Still no purchased stashes.

Hey! Have you tried to restore purchase (Go to the setting -> Social/IAP -> Restore Purchase)? If it still doesn’t work, please contact the support: support@shinyboxgames.com

Thanks for supporting DQ! :slight_smile:

As stated in my initial post, I tried clicking Restore Purchases. Still nothing. If I don’t get the stash in the next few hours, I’ll contact support. But for now, I’ll just see and hope that it’s simply taking longer than usual. Thanks for the help though.