Which Enemy Affix Do You Dislike Most?

Which enemy & map affixes bother you the most when farming? :rage::laughing:


  1. Thorns
  2. Extra Health
  3. Freezing
  4. Bewilderment
  5. Haunting
  6. Explosive
  7. Fast Attack
  8. Teleport


  1. Potion Nerf
  2. On Hit Nerf
  3. Regen Nerf
  4. Enemy Leech
  5. +Enemy HP%
  6. +Enemy DMG%
  7. +Enemy Affixes
  8. Bolt Speed
  9. Enemy Immune
  10. Enemy Heal
  11. +Enemy DoT
  12. +Enemy bolts
    ( I think TNT Props and Skyfall are no brainers for us all xD )

Thorns and +enemy affix SUCK.

for map is dislike most the enemy leech specially when a mythic enemy spawn in high lvl floor lol its like der no ending to its hp and enemy immune

for enemy affix i hate the most is teleport and xtra health

Nombre treize.

what language is that ? italian?

Using a farming wiz with manashield as main char and a rouge hireling with a build close to fookees miss fortune i hate skyfall and on hit nerf cuz of my wiz survivability

ya survivality is really an issue in this game … i realy like wiz and warrior too but i main rogue cuz of its high survivality cuz of stealth

fast attack bolt speed

I hate mythic or legends creep with thorns+elemental+teleport+fast attack … maps with skyfall and hit on nerf …

enemy -Torns, map -Skyfall + HP regen

Extra health
Enemy immune ( frozen build ) sky fall

Get Ignore Resists affix or Effective mythic and Enemy Immune is meaningless :wink:



None of these bother me really when farming because I farm low floor. Even at high floor, it doesn’t bother me.

However when i’m floor hiking, I hate: On hit nerfs the most. Enemy leech is annoying when I die though.

Tnt and skyfall i hate for most builds but for the current build I am using, I don’t get fazed by it. I love the challenge from these maps really, most of the time. Enemy bolts I hate but I solved a way around it. Bolt speed and attack speed from enemies are annoying lol. Enemy heal i’m not sure.

The enemy I do hate the most is worms. They just follow me everywhere, shoot at you off guard and hard to kill (unless it’s timed right).


After goin 80% dodge and block +60% miss i think maps need to reduce them aswell like x -50% dodge, miss and block

Do not even try to suggest that. Lmao

Maby not all 3 in one affix but if you get -50% dodge you still have 80 block and 60 miss its not so bad.

When I’m not relying on HP for survival:

  • Teleport (cause surprise)
  • Haunting (loses my own control)
    When relying on HP:
  • Thorns (cause high HP mobs)

For map affixes I dislike so much +enemy bolts, cause it makes survival pretty hard, rellying or not on HP.