Which is better +750 All resest vs. the 5 100% resest namely the stun,blind,frozen,fear and taunt

I’m talking about in the battle arena…

All Resist is for Elements

Stun, Blind, Freeze, Fear, Taunt is Immunity for skills that have this kind of Effects

so which is better for this in pvp time?

Its up to you brother.

all resist

They have very different functions.

All Resist+ reduces DMG received (see DQ dictionary for details), while stun, blind, etc. resists reduces time you stay under those conditions. You must choose what you think is more helpful for your build.

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okay… thanks guys!!!

Yup. Elemental Resist reduces the elemental damage and it gets affected by enemy level too. The resist from thing like stun , blind , freeze, etc , are the things to reduce your chance or be almost immune to the CC .
The elemental resist you can have a good number of all resist and a specific element resist to reduce damage too.