Which is better?

To go with my warrior, which can be set up better dps wise, the rogue or wizard?

For me i would choose wizard.

Warrior for me but if u want range with great dps wiz is for u… With rogue crit is great… But if u have enough crystals and mythstones it doesnt matter which char u pick, with the right build u can switch any of those with any type of hero.

Wizard dominates PvE.

I agreed on you, Especially orbs these days.

Pretty much everything except their primaries are easily built upon.

Well i dont play any other class except for rouge. But i can say that my rouge in pve is strong and invincible. I also dont use hireling since i dont have any char.

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Well any class can dominate PvE but wizard seems like the best at it.
Although rogue is also very dominant due to the stealth and damage advantage like hit frequency.

Warrior is a little trickier because they’d generally be closer to their enemies (although throwsword is pretty powerful) for PvP but they can still do very well in PvE.

Especially due to block , dodge and many other advantages that warrior can have. Sure other classes can have block though. A bleed build from warrior can do very well as well as KnightsCharge, sprint , etc.

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well its not about the set its about how you play.trust me. :slight_smile:

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Yup. That’s correct.

Ikr! Hehhe

There should be a pure dps melee class other than the warriors… Maybe like bezerkers or knights

Rouge daggers have good dps too. Just get dat masochism set, 2 imperfect glascannon and a stealth plus deadly arts set and youre good to climb thousands of floors.

rouge chakram