Which one is best

So I’m trying to deal the most damage in a single hit without using super crazy enchantments and I’m split between these 3

This one I went full raw damage and I saw it do 28 million damage on a crit

This one has been my sweet child for a long time and it is good with storm proc and plagued bonus

This one was my first attempt at customizing an item, I thought earthquake would be better but it was an attempt I guess, close to my old plaguebringer, but when I found the crystal legend one I had to change

If it helps here’s my stats


with Earthshatter & Earthquake, you either need to go to the enemy or Taunt them to you. Taunting is usually the better way to go. I have used Earthquake, still do on some Builds, because it works great, but not all Builds do well with it.

get your Crit Chance to +60%, Deadly Strike to +40% or higher, and Crit Dmg. to +225% or higher. they don’t all need to be on the same item.

you should do a test run on some floor, switching out the weapons and see which is more effective at killing monsters.