Which weapon is better?


I am using twister with discordance, but I don’t know if the damage increase with more attack speed…


Attack Speed doesn’t affect how much DMG the Twister does. it affects how fast you can cast Twisters with your Gauntlet. the fastest that a Special Skill can be cast when switched with Discordance is every 0.5 seconds. so if the Twister was doing a Million DMG a second, if using Attack Speed let you attack 2x a second (every 0.5 seconds) you would be doing Two Million DMG a second.

in the top one, your Attack Speed is lower than the bottom, so you are doing higher DMG but lower DPS.

in the lower one, your Attack Speed is higher, but WD+, & WD% are lower than the upper one, so you are doing lower DMG, but DPS is a little higher.

your Freeze is higher on the lower one, so better chance to get Frostbiting, although your Frostbiting is also lower than the one on top.

in the end, you are doing a little more DMG with the second Gauntlet.

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