3pictures should i replace or what ? And why? Which is better?

Depends on the build you are trying to make and how you like to play imo.

To get more information about the items (and what each affix means) just touch on the box with the item information and it will open another screen to give you even more detail.

So in your last picture, if you touch on the red info box for “The Void Tome” it will open an information window that will describe what each of the red “affixes” do.

That way you can determine if the items fit into the type of play you would like.

I know but like when i have a items better than legendary mode dmg and stuff so i just replace legendary?

Well, if you are just looking for DPS yeah you can replace the legendary item. The important thing to remember is that some of those legendary affixes will give your character other abilities that cannot be calculated in the DPS window.

Like mirror image or arcane torrent for example. Since they are additional skill “procs” they wouldn’t be in the DPS number but could still be very helpful to your character.

The more you experiment the more comfortable you will be with what is good for your character.

How do other people get over 10k and millions damage?

Play a lot and get lucky with green eternal items dropping. Also customizing gear with mythical and crystal/legendary affixes using crystals.

You will learn more as you advance. Keep grinding by the time you hit level 99 you will have a decent starter set and some crystals to work with… Remember higher difficulties drop better items.

There is lots to know in the game I’ve been playing 3 weeks but I still have a lot to learn, and a lot of time farming and grinding before I get top level gear! It keeps the game entertaining.