Whirlwind Cool down

Noticed something weird in game yesterday.

I use Sprint / Torrent / Whirlwind in PVE clearing the maps. I can click on Sprint and while the cooldown is active I can click on either Torrent or Whirlwind. Same with Torrent. If I click on Torrent I can click on either sprint or whirlwind while the cooldown is active. However, if I click on Whirlwind first, I am locked from using any other ability until the cooldown on Whirlwind is finished.

Is this working as intended or a bug? Happens in both PVE and Battle Arena.

Hey! Thanks for the detailed bug report :smile:
Going to take a look into it.

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i think this is how whirlwind really works. it is kind of a a trade off for being able to move while attacking at the same time.

The problem is activating whirlwind while sprint and torrent are active doesn’t deactivate them. Either whirlwind should stop other abilities or you should be able to activate them while whirlwinding

so you’re saying that using whirlwind should deactivate any other skills with a duration? that would make any whirlwind build shitty.

Why should Whirlwind deactivate any other ability? There are countless abilities that can be activated while another ability is on its cool down phase. Why should Whirlwind be any different? I can Sprint then Whirlwind. I can Torrent then Whirlwind. I can Sprint then Torrent. I should be able to Whirlwind then Sprint.

Part of it is fitting the flavor of the abilities. Sprint makes it so you move faster and leave puddles, but that doesn’t affect your body. Whirlwind makes you spin around, so you lose control of your body. If you’re spinning wildly, how do you cast another spell?

I get that. But either Sprint or the other abilities is broke. If I can Sprint THEN hit Whirlwind, why shouldn’t it be the other way around… I certainly understand if it is overpowering. But honestly, how many people in the Battle Arena do you see using Sprint? Furthermore, with all the Godly builds on YouTube doing billions of damage on Floor 100000000, using Whirlwind and Sprint at the same time isn’t exactly a game breaker.

Hey! It’s intended, that you cannot cast any other skill while WW is active.

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Thanks… I’m already adjusting to focus on casting Sprint prior to Whirlwind haha. I still goof it up every now and then but I’m getting better.